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Oscillator Phase Noise: Theory vs. Practicality

"Modern electronics use time bases for a wide variety of applications. Communications systems rely on time bases for modulation and demodulation of data, GPS systems rely on them for accurate positioning, and a host of other applications rely on time bases to manage the flow of data within their system."

Phase Noise Theory vs Practicality_coverPhase Noise - Theory vs. Practicality(pdf)

Acceleration Sensitivity Characteristics of Crystal Oscillators

"The resonant frequency of every quartz crystal is affected by acceleration forces. The nature of the effect depends on the type of force that is being applied. Changes in the static gravitational force being experienced such as tilting or rotation will cause a step offset in frequency. Time dependent acceleration or vibration will frequency modulate the output."

Acceleration Sensitivity Characteristics_coverAcceleration Sensitivity (pdf)(html format)

Low Phase Noise Characteristics of Quartz Crystal Based Oscillators

"Frequency generation is an essential function in practically all present-day commercial, industrial and military technologies. All oscillator signals contain some level of noise. Although simple oscillators such as those constructed with resistor-capacitor (RC) or inductor-capacitor (LC) resonators are adequate for some circuits, many applications require the additional stability and lower noise provided by quartz crystal oscillators."

Low Phase Noise Characteristics_coverLow Phase Noise (pdf) (html format)

Tight Stability & Low Power Consumption In a Compact Oscillator

"For years, manufacturers have sought to provide an oscillator that offers tight stability in a compact package. An Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) provides excellent stability, but for portable applications, and particularly for demanding military applications, the OCXO package may be too large and it may also require too much power from a battery."

Tight Stability & Low Power Consumption_cover High Performance OCXOs (pdf) (html format)

Design & Performance of Precision Miniature TCXOs

"Ever since the advent of the use of quartz crystals as frequency control devices, there has been an ongoing quest to improve their temperature stability." This article describes the current state-of-the-art in TCXO temperature compensation technology and the associated crystal resonators.

Miniature TCXOs_coverPrecision TCXOs (pdf)(html format)

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