T70 TCXO - Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

T70 TCXO Overview

Greenray Industries' T70 TCXO offers reliable, precision performance for mobile, battery-powered apps. It has been developed as a reference oscillator for critical timing applications that require tight temp stability, low supply current, a very rugged package, and a small footprint. The T70 is well-suited to use in exploration and tracking equipment applications.


Small, extremely rugged, 5mm x 7mm x 2mm package

CMOS Output

Output Frequency 10 to 50MHz

Temperature Stability of ±0.2ppm over −40 to +85°C

Innovative ceramic package design


Performs under high shock & vibration conditions, extreme temperature ranges

g-Sensitivity 2.5 x 10-9 (SD) Low g-Sensitivity Option 7 x 10-10 (LG)

Offers very low current draw, to 1mA

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