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T1250 TCXO: Excellent Stability for Optimal Holdover Performance

Greenray T1250 TCXO image

Q4, 2016 - Greenray’s new T1250 TCXO, available from 10 to 50 MHz, offers tight temperature stability in a compact, 9 x 14mm SMT package.

The T1250 uses a +5 or +3.3 VDC supply and offers CMOS or clipped sinewave output. It has been designed for instrumentation and mobile communications apps that require superior stability with very low input power. More information about the T1250 is available on the TCXO product page.

YH1421 OCXO: Low Phase Noise and Excellent Holdover Performance

Greenray YH1421 OCXO image

Q3, 2016 - Greenray’s new YH1421 OCXO features low phase noise with a -160 dBc/Hz noise floor, and also maintains very good holdover and medium/long term stability for wireless communications and data, including 5G.

Available from 10 to 120 MHz, the YH1421 uses a +5 or +3.3 VDC supply and is packaged in a compact 0.8 x 0.5”, low profile, DIP package. It can also be provided with an SMT adapter. EFC (electronic frequency control) is available for precise tuning or phase locking applications. Contact the factory for full performance and specification data for the YH1421 OCXO.

YH1485 OCXO: Ultra-low Phase Noise Reference for Mission Critical Apps

Greenray YH1485 OCXO image

March, 2016 - Greenray’s new YH1485 OCXO is designed for use as a reference for radar, instrumentation, and military applications that require very low phase noise in order to optimize system sensitivity.

Available from 10 to 100MHz with sinewave output and best stability of ±0.05ppm, the YH1485 delivers phase noise performance below -175dBc/Hz as well as excellent short and long term stability. Optional reduced acceleration sensitivity down to 3×10-10/g in the worst axis is also available to satisfy high shock or vibration environments and improve performance. Contact the factory for full performance and specification data.

New T1241 TCXO: Excellent Phase Noise & Low g-Sensitivity for Mobile Apps

Greenray T1241 TCXO image

January, 2016 - Greenray Industries, Inc. Introduces T1241 TCXO.

Greenray Industries has announced availability of the high performance T1241 TCXO. The T1241 TCXO features very low g-sensitivity, down to 7 x 10-11/g, and is available from 50 to 100 MHz with CMOS output. Featuring a ruggedized, go-anywhere package and low current draw, the T1241 TCXO is ideal for demanding mobile applications including airborne and instrumentation. Typical phase noise is -155dBc/Hz @ 10kHz. Contact the factory for full performance and specification data.

Raytheon IDS Division Recognizes Greenray...Again!

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June, 2015 - For the second consecutive year, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) Division has recognized Greenray Industries for the company's Operational Excellence with their selection as a 2014 IDS Supplier Excellence Award recipient. The 4-Star award recognizes consistent quality, on-time delivery, safety, and investment to process improvement initiatives as key factors in determining the award winners. Greenray was also recognized by IDS for their performance in 2013.

The awards ceremony was held Wednesday, May 27th at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts - home of the New England Patriots. The award was presented to Wayne Bolton and Tod Bowers of Greenray.

Greenray Awarded Platinum Supplier Status

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April, 2015 - Greenray Industries has been recognized by Rockwell Collins for "excellent quality and delivery performance" at the recent Rockwell Collins Supplier Conference. Greenray was awarded "Platinum Supplier" status by the company.

Greenray's commitment to quality and superior service for our defense and commercial customers dates to the company's founding in 1961 and is a critical component of our overall business focus.

Greenray is extremely happy - and proud - to be a valued partner of Rockwell Collins' team.

New T1307 Series TCXO: Exceptional Acceleration Sensitivity Performance for Demanding Environments

Greenray T1307 TCXO image

August, 2014 - Greenray Industries, Inc. Introduces T1307 Series TCXO.

Greenray Industries' has announced availability of the high performance T1307 TCXO. The T1307 utilizes patented vibration compensation technology to deliver unparalleled performance under vibration (<7 x 10-11/g) and much better (e.g., 30 to 40 dB) phase noise performance under shock and vibration than typical TCXO products. In addition, the technology enables smaller packaging and cost benefits not found in typical, competing TCXO technology.

The T1307 Series TCXO is available from 10 to 50 MHz and features a 9 x 7 mm SMT package, temp stability of 1 ppm over -40 to 85°C and CMOS or clipped sinewave output. Operating voltage is from 2.7 to 5.0 VDC with a minimum current draw of 6 mA.

This combination of performance parameters and package footprint make the T1307 TCXO an ideal choice for mobile or airborne environments, and commercial and military applications that demand reliable, high performance under adverse shock and vibration conditions.

Greenray Receives ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C Certificate of Registration

AS9100 ICON image

January, 2014 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has announced the company's receipt of ISO9001:2008 + AS9100C certification, effective January 14, 2014.

Greenray Industries was audited in accordance with the requirements of AS9104/1:2012, as administered by SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd dba QMI-SAI Canada Limited in Toronto, Canada.

To read a copy of the News Release, click here.

Greenray T52 Series TCXO: Tight Stability And a Ruggedized Package for Mobile Apps

Greenray T52 TCXO image

November, 2013 - Greenray Industries, Inc. Introduces T52 Series TCXO.

Greenray Industries' new T52 temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) features a rugged, 5 x 3mm ceramic package and a high performance crystal, and is designed for applications that place a premium on portability AND performance under adverse conditions.

The T52 offers Temperature Stability to ±0.1 ppm (-20 to +70°C), g-Sensitivity of <2.5 x 10-9/g (low g-Sensitivity Option LG = <2.5 x 10-9/g), and Aging is <1.0ppm/year.

Output is CMOS (C option) or Clipped Sine (S option). Supply Voltage is +3.0VDC, +3.3VDC, or +5.0VDC, and Supply Current is <6ma for cmos and <3ma for sine output. electronic frequency control (efc) is provided for precise tuning or phase locking applications.

Environmentals are as follows - Vibration: per MIL-STD-202G, Meth 214, Cond I-F Shock: per MIL-STD-202G, Meth 213, Cond D Shock levels are available to 50,000g. Please contact the factory for information about the availability of higher levels.

Greenray Re-defines TCXO Performance Standards at e2012.

ANN100 with T1300 image

December, 2012 - Greenray Industries, Inc. staked its claim to "head of the class" status with the introduction of not one, but two, revolutionary, quartz crystal oscillators, the T1300 TCXO and the ANN100 TCXO.

Greenray Industries' new T1300 TCXO is relatively impervious to the effects of extreme shock in highly vibratory environments. The T1300 builds on the performance of its namesake predecessor to offer phase noise performance improvements of better than 40dB when compared with conventional TCXOs. The standard g-sensitivity performance for the new T1300 is <0.05ppb, or 5 x 10-11/g of applied acceleration force - an order of magnitude improvement compared with the best TCXOs currently available. Remarkably, typical performance is now repeatedly 0.02ppb or better, representing a major breakthrough for compact, low-power TCXO performance. Beyond improving performance for existing, defense related applications, the T1300 is ideal for GPS, location/position-recording and similar commercial applications likely to experience harsh environments.

Also announced at Electronica in Munich this November, Greenray's new ANN100 TCXO takes Frequency Stability vs. Temperature performance standards and stands them right on their head. Utilizing Greenray's revolutionary Artificial Neural Network Compensated Crystal Oscillator - ANNCX-Otm, for short - engineers have achieved Stability vs. Temp performance that is orders of magnitude better than that of conventional TCXOs and without the power drain of an OCXO.

The T1300 and ANN100 are emblematic of Greenray's committment to provide our customers highly reliable, innovative signal source products that re-define frequency stablility performance. Look for much more in 2013.

Greenray Receives Raytheon IDS Excellence Award

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June, 2012 - Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) Division recognized Greenray Industries for the company's commitment to consistent quality, on-time delivery, safety, and investment to process improvement initiatives with their selection as a 2011 IDS Supplier Excellence Award recipient.

The awards ceremony was held May 15th at the Wyndham Hotel in Andover, Massachusetts. The award was presented to Jim Griffith and Tod Bowers by Ted Shpak, Director of Suppler Quality and Sam Rose, VP, Integrated Supply Chain.

On May 16, 2012 Greenray attended the IDS 2012 Operational Excellence & Mission Assurance Supplier Conference, also held in Andover. Visit Raytheon's IDS website here.

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May, 2012 - You can now follow Greenray on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and get connected via LinkedIn.

In response to requests from our customers, suppliers, and distributors, among others, we hope to leverage the dynamic power of social media to provide information and resources on a timely basis.

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Greenray Today Weblog Now Online

February, 2012 - Greenray Industries' new weblog, Greenray Today ( is now online and open to all visitors.

Greenray Today is our online forum for friends, customers, employees and industry acquaintances. Launched in Q1 of 2012, Greenray Today is an adjunct to our company website and we hope it will foster meaningful communication and discussion about our industry, the markets we serve, emerging technologies and all things frequency control.

We welcome your participation and look forward to creating a valuable resource for all those involved.

Greenray Founder, Raymond H. Green, 1931 - 2011

December, 2011 - Raymond H. Green, 80, died at his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, September 19, 2011. Mr. Green was the founder and former CEO of Greenray Industries, Inc.

Ray Green proudly served in the United States Air Force and pursued a lifelong interest in electronics and technology. His interests included collecting and restoring antique radios, boating, fishing and writing, including magazine articles and a book about remote control of household devices and functions. He is survived by his wife Jan L. Green, his son and daughter, and numerous nieces and nephews. He is remembered fondly by his friends and former associates here at Greenray.

European Microwave Week 2011, Manchester, UK

emww2011 show pics

October, 2011 - The European Microwave Week Exhibition, which ran from October 11th to October 13th, lived up to its billing as the largest trade show in Europe dedicated to the Microwave and RF industries.

Together with sister companies Statek Corp. and AdTech Ceramics, Greenray Industries joined over 250 other exhibitors to present the latest products, industry trends and innovations to over 7000 visitors and conference delegates.

Manchester Central Convention Complex, a unique venue in the heart of the city of Manchester, was a convenient and capable host for this event, and we hope to be back again soon.

Greenray Celebrates 50th Year of Operation

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January, 2011 - 2011 marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Greenray Industries. Established in 1961 by Raymond Green, the company affirms its commitment to engineering excellence and the design and manufacture of innovative frequency control solutions.

Greenray Industries would like to thank our customers, our employees, and our business partners worldwide for their support and participation in our continued success.

T1215 Series TCXO Announced

March, 2010 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has introduced the T1215 Series TCXO.

The T1215 measures 9mm x 7mm x 2.8mm and features a hermetic, ceramic package with ruggedized construction. It has been designed to deliver consistent, reliable frequency control performance in high shock and vibration environments. Reduced acceleration sensitivity down to 5 x 10-10/g is available for improved phase noise performance during vibration and acceleration.

The T1215 offers a wide range of available frequencies, from 750kHz to 800MHz, and a choice of CMOS, LVPECL or LVDS outputs. Supply voltage is 3.3V or 5V. A miniature, high precision AT strip crystal enables extremely smooth and repeatable frequency performance over temperature and time.

T1215 Data Sheet ___ T1215 AnnouncementT1215 pkg image

Microwave Product Digest image Greenray Technical Article Featured in Microwave Product Digest

Greenray engineer John Esterline's Technical Paper, "Crystal Oscillators: History, Parameters and Types", is featured in the July 2009 issue of Microwave Product Digest magazine.

The article focuses on various types of oscillators and the parameters associated with crystal oscillators, and includes practical information about phase noise, jitter, stability and temperature performance.

Click on the image above to visit MPD online and view this informative feature story.

T53 High Stability, Miniature TCXO Announced

July, 2009 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has introduced the T53 Series TCXO. Measuring just 5mm x 3.2mm x 2mm, the T53 Series temperature compensated crystal oscillator has been developed as a reference oscillator for critical timing applications that demand a small footprint.

The T53 performs under high shock and vibration and extreme acceleration conditions, requires very low current, and offers Clipped Sinewave or CMOS outputs. The T53 Series TCXO has been designed to serve a broad range of markets including Smart Munitions, GPS, Mobile Radio, SONET, WiMAX, WLAN, Stratum 3 and Femtocell.

T53 Data Sheet ___ T53 AnnouncementT53 pkg image

ZYH1002/1003 Very Low Power, Miniature OCXO Announced

June, 2009 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has announced the availability of the ZYH1002/1003 Series OCXO. The ZYH1002/1003 Series miniature reference oscillators offer a new low power option designed specifically for use in applications that require low power consumption and/or battery power.

The ZYH 1002/1003 Series OCXO uses a thermally efficient oven design to lower power requirements as compared with similar sized devices of conventional construction, drawing only slightly more power than a TCXO. The ZYH1002/1003 Series utilizes a standard 4-pin dual-inline package for direct replacement and upgrade of existing sources.

ZYH1002 Data Sheet ___ ZYH1002/1003 AnnouncementZYH1002 pkg image

YH1420 OCXO Announced

March, 2009 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has introduced the YH1420 Series OCXO. The YH1420 has been designed to serve as a stable reference source for telecommunications, instrumentation and radio communications applications.

Greenray's new 1420 Series Ovenized Crystal Oscillators deliver excellent short-term stability from 10 MHz to 100MHz and feature a compact 20.32 x 12.70 x 9.40 mm (0.80 x 0.50 x 0.37 in.), ROHS-compliant, DIP package.

The YH1420 Series offers a true sinewave output (Model 1421) or squarewave output (Model 1420) and either +5 or +3.3VDC supply voltage.

YH1420 Data Sheet ___ YH1420 AnnouncementYH1420 pkg image

T121 High Frequency TCXO Announced

February, 2009 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has introduced the T121 Series TCXO. The T121 has been designed to serve as a super-stable frequency reference in high shock and high vibration environments.

The T121 Series' combination of a compact, rugged package, tight stability and high frequency availability make it ideally suited for use in high shock/high vibration environments, including mobile and airborne applications.

The T121 Series TCXO, available from 50 to 100MHz, provides extremely stable sinewave output and temperature stability to ±0.5ppm over -40 to +85°C. The T121 measures 0.68 x 0.68 x 0.200" and features vibration sensitivity of 7 x 10-10/g or better.

T121 Data Sheet ___ T121 AnnouncementT121 pkg image

T124 Ultra-low Frequency TCXO Debuts

January, 2009 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has announced the availability of the T124 Series TCXO. The T124 Series is an ultra-low frequency oscillator - available down to 650Hz - in a low profile, compact SMT package.

The T124 provides extremely stable, low frequency squarewave output, with temp stability to ±0.3ppm over -40 to +85°C. Available from 650Hz to 1.25MHz, the T124 TCXO features 3.3V input voltage and EFC to adjust for long-term aging. The T124 utilizes a rugged, AT strip crystal to provide superior aging characteristics to 3ppm over 15 years. Compact size and low power consumption make the T124 TCXO ideally suited for low jitter clocking for mobile RF applications.

T124 Data Sheet ___ T124 AnnouncementT124 pkg image

RF Globalnet Top 10 icon Greenray Hits Top 10 at RF Globalnet

For the fourth consecutive year, a Greenray Industries Technical Paper is among the top 10 downloads at the RF Globalnet website.

Greenray engineer John Esterline's White Paper, "Oscillator Phase Noise: Theory vs. Practicality", offers readers insight into low noise time bases and practical considerations for utilizing them in the real world, with particular attention to the potential impacts of phase noise on higher level systems.

Click on the TOP 10 of 2008 icon to visit RF Globalnet and view "Oscillator Phase Noise: Theory vs. Practicality"

New T1300 TCXO Now Available

December, 2008 - Greenray Industries, Inc. announced the availability of the Model T1300 TCXO. The T1300 Series is relatively impervious to the effects of shock and vibration and represents a major breakthrough for compact, low-power TCXO performance.

Utilizing a combination of proprietary crystal and oscillator design techniques, the T1300 offers g-sensitivity of <0.05 ppb, or 5 x 10-11/g of applied acceleration force. This is an order of magnitude improvement when compared with the best performance of commercial tcxos currently available, and enables customers to extend their system operating environment while maintaining spec-compliant operation. The t1300, when operating under random vibration, can offer phase noise improvements of more than 40db compared to conventional tcxos - and better performance than most ocxos.

T1300 Data Sheet ___ T1300 AnnouncementT1300 pkg

New T120 TCXO Announced

November, 2008 - Greenray Industries, Inc. announced the availability of the Model T120 TCXO. The T120 temperature compensated crystal oscillator provides superior stability performance, with temp stability available to ±0.3ppm over -40 to +85°C, and low noise. The T120 measures 17.78 x 17.78 x 3.81 mm and features rugged construction for consistent, reliable performance in high shock and vibration environments. In addition, the low power requirements of the T120 make it an excellent choice for mobile applications. The T120 offers a frequency range of 10MHz to 50MHz, supply voltage of 3.3 or 5.0Vdc and CMOS output.

T120 Data SheetT120 pkg

New YH1518 OCXO: Excellent Phase Noise & Compact Package

February, 2008 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has announced the availability of the YH1518 Series OCXO.

Greenray has combined precision crystal technology with a low noise oscillator and multiplier to develop this new family of miniature, ovenized crystal oscillators capable of delivering excellent phase noise performance through 250MHz.

The YH1518 Series design utilizes a precision SC-cut crystal to help achieve low noise performance. SC-cut crystals provide a High Q to reduce the noise close to the carrier - yet are able to withstand the high drive levels necessary for a low noise floor. The oscillator circuit drives a low noise frequency multiplier to increase the frequency up to 250MHz. A thermally enhanced internal assembly enables the use of a small, 1.06 in. x 1.42 in. x 0.5 in. hermetic package. Supply voltage is +12Vdc and typical Temperature Stability is ±0.07ppm over -40°C to +70°C. A Sinewave output of +3dBm min. (+6dBm typical) is provided.

YH1518 Data Sheet ___ YH1518 AnnouncementYH1518 pkg image

RF Globalnet Top 10 icon Greenray Hits Top 10 at RF Globalnet - Again

For three years running, a Greenray Industries Technical Paper has been among the top 10 downloads at the RF Globalnet website.

Greenray engineer Steve Fry's Application Note, "The Design and Performance of Precision Miniature TCXOs", provides readers an overview of the history of crystal oscillator temperature compensation and describes the current state-of-the-art in TCXO temperature compensation technology.

Click on the TOP 10 of 2007 icon to visit RF Globalnet and view "The Design and Performance of Precision Miniature TCXOs"

T1220 TCXO Offers OCXO Stability

April, 2007 - Greenray Industries, Inc. has announced the availability of the T1220 Series TCXO.

The T1220 temperature compensated crystal oscillator offers OCXO-like temperature stabilities - as low as ±7 x 10-8 - and the operating temperature range can be specified as wide as -50 to +95°C. Equally impressive, the T1220 features current consumption of less than 30mA.

The T1220 has been designed for applications that require tight stability, low input power (virtually no heat dissipation) and no warm-up time. The T1220's compact, industry-standard package measures just 0.8 in. x 0.5 in. x 0.33 in. (20.32 mm x 12.70 mm x 8.38 mm). With a rugged package and excellent g-sensitivity, the T1220 Series TCXO is ideal for portable as well as airborne applications with demanding environments. The T1220 is available from 10.00 MHz to 50 MHz and with either a 3.3 V or 5.0V supply voltage.

T1220 Data Sheet ___ T1220 AnnouncementT1220 pkg image

RF Globalnet Top 10 icon Greenray Among Top 10 at RF Globalnet

For the second year in a row, a Greenray Industries Technical Paper has been among the top 10 downloads for the year on the RF Globalnet website.

Greenray engineer Barry Kleinle's tech brief, "Phase Noise Explained", proved to be must reading for designers and engineers seeking up-to-date information about phase noise as it relates to crystal-based oscillator component design and manufacture.

RF Globalnet, established in 1996, is an online trade publication and resource center for the RF/microwave design industry.

Click on the TOP 10 icon to visit RF Globalnet and and view "Phase Noise Explained."

RF Design Magazine: Precision Miniature TCXOs

Greenray engineer Steve Fry's Feature Story in the September 2006 issue of RF Design Magazine describes the current state-of-the-art in TCXO technology and associated crystal resonators.

Precision Miniature TCXOs (pdf)RFDesign S. Fry Story

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